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One of the unique attributes of manuka honey is the possible variations in its MGO potency. Due to the fact that different MGO grades produce different results, manuka honey users should be educated on which grades are best for whatever use case they are seeking. These can be broken down in two main groups: Everyday Usage and Use as Needed. Regardless of what you choose, be confident in knowing all our honey is Bee Friendly, Organic, and Glyphosate Free!

Everyday Use

If you are looking to use manuka with the intention of preventing ailments and maintaining a healthy immune system, you should go for our Everyday Use manuka honey.

  • Preventative

    Rich with antioxidant and immune boosting properties, Everyday Use manuka honey is perfect for keeping your immune system strong, especially when flu season comes around.

  • Maintenance

    You have worked so hard to ensure a healthy body. You watch what you eat to maintain your gut health, especially as you age. What better way to ensure a healthy gut and balanced flora than with the king of all honey!

  • Beauty

    Manuka is not only great for your inside, but it works wonders on the skin too. Add a mask of manuka honey in your skin care routine and watch yourself glow!

UMF 5 jar side


100MGO/5+ UMF

Looking for a healthy alternative to sugar? Look no further as our 100MGO is the perfect sweetner!

UMF 10 jar side


263+MGO/10+ UMF

The perfect balance between a sweetener alternative and maintaining your health. Our 263+ MGO will provide your body with manuka's magic while you sweeten all your favorite beverages and treats.


Use As Needed

If you aim to treat certain symptoms (chronic or acute) that manuka honey is known to help with, the higher MGO honey is perfect for you! Use everyday for chronic issues, or keep around for using as needed when feeling ill or suffering from acute issues.

  • Immune Support

    Getting sick is an unfortunate and unavoidable part of life. When your body is hit with a bacterial or viral infection, your immune system works extremely hard to protect you, which usually takes some time. High MGO manuka honey has been shown to drastically help your immune system get the job done quicker.

  • Relief

    Honey is not only wonderful for the immune system, it has also been known to help relieve the painful symptoms of being ill, and has been used for centuries. Our ancestors may not have known about the chemical properties, but they sure felt its relief and maintained using it to treat the sick. Given the super properties of manuka honey specifically, it is especially well suited for relieving coughs, sore throats, inflammations, and gastritis, among many other things.

  • Skin Clearing

    Given manuka's antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it has been very effective on skin breakouts and bacterial infections. Many people have reported successfully eradicating acne breakouts, and even MRSA using high MGO manuka. Manuka lovers have also been known to use high MGO manuka honey on cuts and wounds to prevent infection, and help with preventing scarring while healing.

UMF 15 jar side


550MGO/15+ UMF

Bring home the medicine with our 550MGO manuka. Our second most potent manuka will be sure to assist with relieving intense acute gut, skin, or immune system issues that manuka is proven and reported to help with, while maintaining that sweet honey flavor.

UMF 20 jar side


850MGO/20+ UMF

Our Crème de la crème. This 850MGO manuka is our most potent option. Perfect for those susceptible to the flu, or with chronic issues that may be resolved with manuka. From gut health, immune system care, to anti-inflammation, and skin care, this potency is sure to deliver. A number one choice for those who love the earthy unique flavor of manuka looking for maximum potency.


A use case for everyone

Regardless of whether you are just starting your wellness journey, or you are an extreme athlete, manuka honey can help you reach your health goals. As they say... you get out what you put in.

Model posing with jar of honey
Blue belt female jiu jitsu athlete with UMF20 jar
Jason Youseph flying triangle choke in tournament


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