It took just one spoonful...

This is a story about two best friends who found life changing relief through a miraculous honey. It all started when Moe Chaaban had a gastric ulcer that would not relent. Even with the medication he was prescribed for this ulcer, Moe was suffering from constant bloating and burning in his stomach. After a few months of this pain and discomfort, Moe reached out to his doctor for advice, and was told to try manuka honey. Within less than one month of taking the manuka honey daily, Moe's stomach was better than ever! Moe was so happy with this relief that he could not help share it with all of his friends and family, including his best friend Saria Sairafe. Inspired by Moe's story, Saria started researching manuka to see how it may potentially improve his health and wellness. Through his research. Saria stumbled upon some studies that showed manuka's capabilities in fighting stubborn skin infections including Staph and MRSA. This was profound as Saria had been struggling with chronic scalp folliculitis for over 11 years. He had given up on a remedy as 4 different dermatologists, 4 rounds of oral antibiotics, and multiple antibiotic creams and antifungal shampoos were never able to even put a dent in the infection. Saria decided to make a natural skin cream using manuka as one of the main ingredients. Within one week Saria's head was cured (See before and after below)! With this, Moe and Saria decided their unwavering mission is to enhance people's health by offering them the absolute finest quality Manuka honey; thus SAMU LLC was born. Still just a vision, Saria and Moe needed to find a high grade, UMF accredited, glyphosate free, and bee friendly manuka honey producer. With luck on their side, they stumbled upon Bee & Flow farm. Meeting all their requirements, it took just one spoonful of Bee & Flow's manuka honey for Saria and Moe to be sold. Thrilled with the synergy of Bee & Flow and SAMU, the founders of both companies decided to enter an exclusive partnership. We are now proud to distribute the best honey in the world, while developing life changing products that exclusively use the Bee & Flow premium manuka honey.

  • Before using Samu's Bee and Flow manuka scalp right
  • Before using Samu's Bee and Flow manuka scalp left
  • After using Samu's Bee and Flow manuka scalp right
  • After using Samu's Bee and Flow manuka scalp left